Angela works now primarily with wool, in felt making and knitwear design. Growing up with crafts , she was taught to knit at the age of 5, followed by crochet, embroidery and dress making. Felt has been a more recent addition, with Kate Horner at Artybird in Carnforth opening up a whole new world of craft with art and design at the center.

Dress making as a teenager led to making bridal wear and corsetry for many years.

Knitting has been a constant in Angela's life, first making clothes for her dolls, then herself, and now she shares her passion by hand dying wool to fit the knitting patterns she has designed so that people can create their own masterpeice by following her patterns.

Living in Morecambe bay, near the river Lune, Lancaster canal and the Lake District, water in all it's forms provides endless inspiration for textures, colours and shapes. Water brings a sense of calm, but also excitement with the way things are distorted through water, and how the enviroment is reflected on the surface.

Flowers also inspire Angela, through the influence of Georgia O'Keeffe, tuning in to details and shapes that others would miss. Brightly coloured felt pictures represent flowers from different perpectives, while felt lampshades in natural whites and subtle textures show off the silhouette of the flowers when lit.